Membership Options and Subscriptions

All advocates registered with the LPC, as referral advocates, are eligible for membership with South African Bar Association. Members of the Association may hold membership and chambers, in any or a combination of the following ways:

1. As a group, where members may hold individual or shared chambers;
2. As a group, where members may practice from co-working / common room chambers;
3. Single-practitioner facilities, where members practice from premises suitable for the practice of a referral advocate.

Members of the Association are however required to display their membership with Association on all professional materials; e.g. invoices, business cards, plaques etc.

Monthly Subscription
0-5 years in practice
5-10 years in practice
10-15 years in practice
15+ years & senior counsel

A member of the Association, may hold concurrent membership with any other association of advocates, subject to that association’s membership requirements.