Mission and Objectives

The South African Bar Association is a national bar association whose membership is drawn from referral advocates in all provinces. The association will aggressively pursue the ideal of unifying the fragmented bar in South Africa under one national bar. Its sevenfold mission is to transform the legal profession by.

Facilitating initiatives aimed at unifying the fragmented bars in South Africa under one body, the South African Bar Association.
Promoting the access of female advocates into the profession and pursuing the elimination of racially and gender skewed briefing patterns.
Removing restrictions pertaining to location and manner in which chambers are held and to encourage advocates to practice from premises and locations suitable for practice.
Investing in the ongoing training and development of junior advocates so as to maintain the standards of excellence that an advocate’s practice demands.
Facilitating and optimising opportunities aimed at making legal practice more accessible and affordable for all advocates.
Reducing bar subscriptions for all advocates in general and junior advocates in particular.
Addressing anti-competitive practices, which result in the briefing of advocates of particular associations exclusively at the expense of other advocates.

Membership of the South African Bar Association shall be open to all practising advocates who support the above stated mission, subject to the requirements of the LPA and LPC, all pupil Advocates, Alumini and Internationally qualified Advocates.